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"emergency situation in Haiti
>From Diane Kamleiter Green party of Florida member:
Update: Urgence (Haïti)
Ecological Transformation, an Emergency Call
Greetings Sisters & Allies,
Sadly the situation in Haiti has considerably worsened since my last
report. Distress and despair are prevailing for the thousands of
those disaster-stricken. There many people in Gonaives who have not
eaten for more than a week now.  Mothers, children begging, when the
few relief trucks are able to arrive there, for "Ti-Gout Lo!" ["one
drop of water!"] while standing in mud surrounded by dead bodies and
animal carcasses. A description, a vision of hell.
I'm receiving gloomy reports from my friend, social worker whose job
brought him to all sections and departments of Haiti; as well as from
Mr. Beauvin, Executive Secretary of the Parti Vert Haitien. Mr.
Beauvin reported that the tragedy is not confined to Gonaives only
but extends to Port-de-Paix, Cap-Haitien and Mapou Fond Fèrette [his
updated report hereafter].
The ecological disaster tied to the extreme deforestation of the
country is mind-boggling for all. People of the capital, Port-au-
Prince, are rallying to help as much as possible with the roads to
Gonaives being almost impassable.
As a side-note: The 'band-aid' assistance deployed by the UN/World
Food Program in light of the present tragedy will even, in some way,
contribute to worsening the problem. I just heard that the UN
Humanitarian Mission is releasing emergency financial subsidies to be
spent to cover the cost for bread to be shipped in massive quantity
to the ravaged areas asap. The bread shops, and dry-cleaning
businesses, have been identified as two of the main commercial daily
consumers of charcoal.
And the charcoal consumed daily in the country is the identified
culprit responsible of the country extreme deforestation...
Also, it seems that the UN deployed contingent is apparently showing
some deficiency at managing the assistance due to its disconnect from
the local authorities/leaders who would have been a precious help to
channel, oversee the distribution efforts.
And my friend said that October could even bring worse news for
Haiti. The month of October is known for its torrential rains, and
the cities of Carrefour and Carrefour-Feuilles, both adjacent to Port-
au-Prince, both densely populated, could well be the next predictable
victims of this country's ecology.
A country on the path of disappearance into the sea. The first Black
Nation to enfranchise Herself from slavery, in 1804. Seeing calamity
Jeanne hitting Gonaives, the City of the Independence.
Diane, in Florida reporting for Haiti
[*] Just received from Arioste Beauvin of the Parti Vert Haitien. The
main vision of the PVH is to spearhead and promote an ecological
revolution in/for the country.  The recent ecologic disasters [April,
September floods] serve as painful  'heads-up' for all living on this
planet that we should take better care of Her.
I translated some key-words of Mr. Arioste's email where he presents
a report of damage left by Jeanne, by city or 'arroundissement' [my
apology to Mr. Beauvin and all for not translating the doc. in its
entirity -- fault of time.]
Date: 9/27/04 11:55:53 AM From: partiverthaitien at ......
Bonjour Madame,
voici un bilan partiel des dégâts causés par le passage du cyclone
jeanne sur Haïti la semaine dernière.
L'estimation pour le département de l'Artibonite est la suivante :
1055 morts [deaths]; 1200 disparus [disappeared/unaccounted for]; 900
blessés [hurt], 206426 personnes sinistrées [disaster-stricken ones],
9500 personnes hébergées [homeless] plus de 4000 maisons détruites ou
totalement endommagées [house structures destroyed or in total
disrepair] .
A Gros-Morne
20 morts ont été recensés [deaths], 30,000 personnes sinistrées
[disaster-stricken ones], plus de 100 maisons totalement endommagées
[house structures destroyed or in total disrepair].
Les communes Anse-Rouge, Ennry ont respectivement enregistré 5 et 8
morts [deaths] avec des dégâts matériels considérables [w/important
material dammages].
Plus de 60 morts [deaths] et 50 disparus [disappeared/unaccounted
for] ont été recensés dans le Nord-Ouest dont [including] 42 [deaths]
à Port-de-Paix 18 [deaths] à Chansolme.
Le nombre de sinistrés est encore plus élevé dans la métropole du
Nord-Ouest soit 42.000 [disaster-stricken ones].
Chansolme et Basin Bleu ont respectivement enregistré 8.000 et 3000
personnes sinistrées [disaster-stricken ones].
Au Cap-Haïtien 500 personnes sont hébergées [homeless] par les
instances de secours.
A Pilâtes 10 personnes sont mortes [death] et 4.000 sinistrées
[disaster-stricken ones], Plaisance 1 mort [death], 1 disparu
[disappeared/unaccounted for] et 3000 sinistrés [disaster-stricken
Les dégâts causés par le passage de la tempête tropicale jeanne sont
énormes :1222 ha de jardins [hectar-acres of farming land], dévastés
pertes estimées à 406.315.000.00 gourdes [~ more than $1 million
(us)]; .
Pour le moment nous [representatives of the Green Party of Haiti]
sommes en train de nous préparer [planning, collecting] pour une
éventuelle visite [on-the-ground visit] et distribution de vêtements
[for clothes distribution] aux Gonaïves ce sera pour mercredi
prochain [next Wednesday] et nous attendons les jours qui vienne pour
voir ce qu'on peut trouver encore [still collecting in the meantime].
Nous comptons sur votre support pour une prochaine visite. [hope for
support and visit from GPF/GPUS members]
Bien Cordialement
Beauvin Arioste
011 (509) 411-0980
==end of transmission=="

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