Nicholas Morcinek nick at faunusherbs.com
Fri Mar 28 18:23:03 MST 2003

MATT KELLEY, Associated Press - Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld issued
a stern warning to Syria on Friday to stop sending military equipment to
Iraqi forces, saying such shipments have included night-vision goggles. "We
consider such trafficking as hostile acts and will hold the Syrian
government accountable for such shipments," Rumsfeld said. Rumsfeld also
said that Iraqi militants opposed to Saddam Hussein's regime were streaming
into Iraq from Iran, where they had been in exile. He said their presence
was complicating U.S. war plans. . . Asked if the United States was
threatening military action against Syria, Rumsfeld said: "I'm saying
exactly what I'm saying. It was carefully phrased."


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