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Some of these links are very interesting.


Pipelines of blood (english)
by Yuno Hoo 12:38pm Tue Oct 9 '01

The geopolitical truth under the cloak of America's New War on terrorism is
the same old ghoulish grab for riches: The new Great Game.

The attack on Afghanistan is not about Sept 11:

U.S. gov't analysis of Afghan energy and geopolitics of region:

U.S. analysis of pipeline routes for Caspian basin oil & gas -- the Unocal
connection (see route thru Afghanistan to Pakistan:

The whole enchalada on the Unocal Website.
"The 48-inch diameter [gas] pipeline will extend 790 miles (1,271
kilometers) from the Afghanistan-Turkmenistan border, generally follow the
Herat-to-Kandahar Road through Afghanistan":

Wanted by Unocal (and Dick Cheney's infrastructure industries!) a new,
friendly government in Afghanistan:

Global Circle has put together a good page with the above links and other
essaysd on the new Great Game in the Caucasus and America's global oil grab.
I recommend the excellent Covert Action Quarterly essay by Karen Talbot.
It's been around for more than a year, but it now has an urgent relevance.

Watch this space. The new Great Game:

DICK CHENEY, The oil baron:


MR. & MRS CHENEY, The facist financers:

CHENEY, the mobster: http://www.public-i.org/story_01_080200.htm

CHENEY, the "discrete" war monger:

CHENEY, building pipelines of blood:
Please, take the time to read this 45 page report from Earthrights

Finally, what "they" don't want you to know -- just like in 1991 -- It's the
oil, stupid http://www.laweekly.com/ink/01/44/cover-angel.shtml

I also urge you to make John Pilger http://pilger.carlton.com/  and Robert
Fisk http://www.independent.co.uk/search.jsp?keywords=robert+fisk  part of
your regular reading habit. These two British journalists and documentarians
have a long history in the region, and in the case of Pilger, a particular
understanding of how the globalist juggernaut is bent on total world
domination to protect the "interests" of capital. George Monbiot is also a
good read http://www.monbiot.com/


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