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Hi Thaxians,

Well here is the report. It is written from memory but I think it gives a
fairly truthful picture..


This is the first draft report for Straightfacts Radio on this reporters
debate with the Prime Minister of Sweden on national Radio and 
third report on the Swedish national elections.. 

European Reporter for Straitfacts Radio debates Prime Minister of Sweden.

Good Evening. This is Bob Malecki reporting for Straight Facts Radio
from northern Scandinavia, quite near the Polar Circle!

In my last report on the Swedish election campaign I tried to
describe more deeply and concretely the fundamental material,
social and political atmosphere in the working class in this country.

And quoted from my open letter to the newspapers,TV, Radio and 
political parties which posed two pictures of reality in Sweden

On the one side the Social Democratic Workers Party, in state 
power the last four years, painting this rosy picture of Sweden
that the hired in campaign managers of Tony Blair's Labor Party
had dreamed up of now Sweden was on the right path out of the

Countered to this was and entire different picture,
 presented by this reporter
which said that four years Of the Social democrats in power points
has led directly too ten and hundreds of thousands thrown out of their
jobs in the public sector and that the union Kommunal which 
organizes workers in this sector could not even manage to
get the unemployment checks to workers on time and
that literally thousands up here in the north of Sweden 
had no money for food on the table for their familes..

This led to the state run Radio calling me up and inviting me
to provide my picture of reality in Sweden today VS the Social 
Democratic Parties picture presented by their leader Göran Persson,
who is also the prime minister of Sweden and was touring this part
of the country.

Naturally I accepted this challenge, however reminding the radio
that they must pay my busfare as I too have not recieved my
unemployment money because of the union..Which they agreed too.

The program was announced first before the news as the prime minister
being in this part of the country and his positive picture that he
was presenting for the future and in our studio is Robert Malecki
who while the Social democrats in power the last four years was
put in the unemployment lines, but also is quite angry because
many of his co-workers, including himself have not recieved there
unemployment checks on time..

After the news we want our radio audience to hear what they have to 
say and call in to the studio...

After the news the program started with the program leader "Karin"
introducing me with a couple of leading questions.


"Good Evening Robert, welcome to the program. Robert you have been 
put on the unemployment lines now going on four years and it
was the Social demicratic Party that made these decisions leading
to this. Is that right?"

"Yes, it certainly is Karen."

"And Robert you are especially quite angry and here today because of
another specific reason. Could you tell us about it.."

" Yes Karin, I certainly would like to do that. In fact the specific
reason outside of Goran Persson painting this quite extrodinary
picture of Sweden now on the right path. I am here today as a
very angry member of the Kommunal Workers Union who has not
like thousands of others up here in the north of Sweden recieved
there unemployment checks on time and some not all with delays
now reaching up into 8 weeks! In fact people are starving and do
not have money to even buy food to put on the table, never mind paying
the bills.."

Then Göran persson got to have his say. It was a picyure of yes we
have been through some hard times in the last four years, but this 
was because of the previous bougeois government. But now we can
say that things are going the right way. Inflation is down, and
expanding economy and now we can begin to think about the future stuff.

He went on for a number of minutes like this and that i got to present
the picture that I saw and which was directly countered posed to this.

Along the lines of it was the Social Demovratic WORKERS Party who 
put tens and hundreds of thousands out on unemployment  by
brutally slashing the entire public sector into pieces. And our 
co-workers who are left in the public sector are down on their 
knees as the child care, elderly care, the care of the sick is
completely falling a part in this country. It was you Goran Persson and 
the Social Democratic WORKERS Party that made these cuts. It was you
Göran Persson and the Social democratic WORKERS Party that we now 
still have tens and hundreds of thousands
on the unemployment lines.  We are the "crisis" 
that you claim now is solved!

In fact I like many others do not quite experience the picture
that you are painting. We are the victims of the crisis that is supposed
to be solved. And on top of that my dog and I have to eat rice today.
My thirteen year old I sent to a party so he got food. 
The reason for this is
because the union bureaucrats can not even get our checks to us on time.
And your are trying to tell us that the crisis is solved?

Then there was a break with music asking the radio audience to call in.

And Wow. The phones just started ringing! First out was a worker.
Who immediately said that Goran Persson with his quite round stomach
and big mouth does not know what he is talking about. He talked about
being unemployed, how angry he was, how Roberts description of things
is how it is and no union to help him. He had been down to the 
union today and there was a sign on the door. Not open come back next week.

The program leader asked him if he was going to voote.

He replied. NEVER. He does not trust any political party. Trying being
unemployed for a while Goran Persson..

And then and ederly lady rang in from her hospital bed. She to said
that it was the Social Democrats fault that hospital care both for
herself and her son who had been in a hoorible car accident was bad.
And despite the wonder staff the cuts has caused both her and her son
much pain and waiting..

She to was asked if she would vote.

This ederly women replied. Yes I am going to vote. I am going to
vote Goran Persson and the Social Democracy out out power..

Then Goran Persson, the prime minister was allowed his take on things.
He went into this election talk on old people and pensions and yes
they had been responsible for reducing pensions in order to get us
out of the crisis but now things were on the right path
again and pensions now would be once again raised. Along with this a
talk on how they now had set aside quite a number of billion
crowns  for the crisis in the public sector healthh care, and
especiall elderly care...

Then I was allowed to give my picture of this. Goran Persson and
the Social Democratic Workers Party threw tens and hundreds thousands
0f public sector workers out onto unemployment to solve the crisis.
And in the care of the old his presentation his horrible because
the truth has come out time and again in the press. Because of 
the cuts in elderly care the old people actually have been dying like
flys because of lack of personal which means that old people not
only die they die of under nourishment and lonelyness because
their is no longer enough people employed to feed or even
go into their rooms more then twice a day. This is the real picture
this is the hell we have had under the Social Democratic Workers Party.

A new break.

And then another person was let in. He thought that Robert and the
others were being very negative and allowed unemployment not to see
that the Social democrats were on the right path. And that he had
always voted for the Social Democrats. There is no other alternative.

Then the program leader asked if I had any last comments.

I said I did. I said this program quite clearly shows that there are
two pictures of reality in Swedish Society today. The one presented
by the Social democratic Workers Party and another by numerous others
including myself.

I opposed the last speaker and said that for me and the thousands
of others who now are unemployed voting for the Social Democrats
is no alternative. They are the ones that put us here in this
situation. What we need is a grass roots movement and candidates
from the unemployed, the trade unions and minority groups.They know
from experience why the Social Democracy must be replaced. And this
must be countered to the Social Democratic Workers Party which not
only has a completely false picture of reality. But in fact can't
even pay out the employment checks on time.

The program ended..

A very interesting thing happened to me on the way home. I have to take 
a bus about 55 kilometers from the Radio Studio to where I live. So I
went down to the bus station and started to get on the bus. I
asked for a ticket and he laughed and said I just heard you on the radio
on the way into the city. And he told me that people on the
way into the city on the bus were hearing the program and clapping for me.

I got very embarrased!

This is Bob Malecki reporting for Straight facts Radio in sweden..

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